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This is the longest Zip Line (Foofie Slide) ride in the world.

Adults from  84 per adult
Children from  42 per child

The zipline cable is suspended across from one side to the other as the river zigzags down the Batoka Gorges, .
You are harnessed and attached to a pulley. Once launched over the edge you will pick up speed as you descend over the water and reach a top speed of over 100 kms an hour.
This is a great experience for two people to share in tandem.

The zipline itself doesn’t last long but after the ride you are pulled back to the starting point which gives you a time to enjoy the views

A Zip Line
Scheduled transfers from / to Vic Falls Town  accommodations
Excludes Park Entry Fee

Comfortable clothing that provides sun protection
Warm layers for winter.
Suntan lotion
Comfortable shoes that are secure on your feet. (slip slops will get lost in the gorge!)
Hair bands to tie up long hair
Cash for park fees

There is no age limit. At management’s discretion children may be required to travel in a double harness with an adult.
Parents and guardians of any child under 16 must be present and available to sign an indemnity on the child’s behalf.
Management retain the right to turn a child away at their own discretion should they feel the child is not able to cope with the experience in any way.
There is no maximum age limit.

Full information is provided on booking

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